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Why we take out the shoulder track in shorter Surge Fit classes?

Updated: May 23, 2022

Standard Surge Fit and Surge Strength classes include a targeted shoulder track to strengthen and define your shoulder boulders. But if you want to make the classic 55min Surge Fit class shorter and need to remove a track, take out the shoulder track. We remove the shoulder track because the shoulder muscles are synergists in many of the exercises we do in the chest, back and butt, tricep and bicep tracks.


For example, the deltoids and serratus anterior (or muscles under your arm pit) are worked in push ups and chest presses in the chest track. In the back and butt track you will see dumbbell swings that work the lateral deltoid and traps and back rows that work the posterior deltoid. The anterior deltoid is used in tricep push ups in the tricep track, and the anterior deltoid is used in a serving platter or overhead bicep press often found in the bicep track.


We also work shoulders anytime we are in the plank position in any of the cardio tracks, like mountain climbers, plank jacks, and burpees.


So have no fear, removing the shoulder track from a shorter Surge Fit playlist does not mean you have skipped shoulder day. We have worked them in many other ways multiple times.


Feel the Surge!

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