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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SURGE FIT?
High intensity cardio mixed with high-rep strength training, set to music you know & love!

What is SURGE Strength?
Surge Strength is a high-rep, targeted, ALL weight training workout - set to music you know & love! Muscle focused, weight training tracks, using dumbbells, strengthen, shape and define every muscle in your body for a fun and powerful full body workout that will leave you feeling lean and strong!

What is Surge Stations?
A new, functional athletic training tool for fitness professionals and enthusiasts! Your one stop shop for content to program your own circuit style station workouts. Whether you're a group fitness instructor looking for content ideas, or a fitness enthusiast needing inspiration on how to use the equipment at the gym, you'll find everything you need here!

What is Surge Hybrid
Surge Hybrid combines functional and isolated weight training, using dumbbells and your own body weight, with a few short cardio bursts for a fun, challenging, music driven, full-body workout that enhances strength and definition of every muscle group leaving you feeling energized and empowered.  

What type of moves are used in a SURGE class?
Cardio tracks utilize moves that are athletic, dynamic and 3 dimensional such as traveling lunges, rotating mountain climbers or plank jack burpees. Each track combines 2 to 3 moves that are familiar with at least one, new move, that is unique to that track so you are always able to challenge yourself and move your body in new and different ways. 
Strength training tracks alternate with the cardio tracks and follow a similar pattern, We use dumbbells and bodyweight exercises to strengthen and tone one muscle group at a time, starting with the biggest muscle group and working our way through the body to the smallest muscle group. Each track consists of 2-3 familiar, strength training moves (ie. bicep curls) and at least one, new, unique move, you will not see in other tracks (ie. airplane serving platter). This keeps your body, brain and muscles guessing and always improving. 

The moves in each track repeat with the music, so its easy for participants to catch on and feel successful! 

What if I can't do high impact? Are there low options?

YES! Options are always shown. Use low impact options anytime you need. We also have a specific CardioLow section in our Instructor Portal for instructors teaching low impact classes .

Can SURGE FIT get me results?
YES! Surge Fit is an energizing HIIT workout that will get you results fast! High intensity cardio tracks that push fat burning systems into high gear are intertwined with high-rep, targeted strength training tracks, using dumbbells, that shape and tone muscles for maximum results. Popular music driven highs and lows combined with a motivating group atmosphere will get your heart rate and muscles surging to push you to your personal best!

What makes SURGE different?
Traditional HIIT and weight training workouts use time based intervals or count reps. In SURGE, we use the music to inspire the movement, speed, and timing to create a music driven workout that's not only effective but loads of fun. Research shows participants perceived level of exertion is less when their movement is synchronized to the beat of the music. So we've done just that. We synchronize traditional, and not so traditional, unique HIIT moves to popular tunes to make doing HIIT effective and so much fun! In SURGE, you work harder without even knowing it!

What equipment do I need?

Just dumbells and a mat. We recommend a heavy (10-15lbs), medium(, and light (3-5lbs) set of dumbells. But use what you have. We use minimal equipment so we can keep transitions quick, have easy storage, require minimal cost for instructors, participants and facilities, and allow for a variety of unique, 3 dimensional moves. 

How do I become an Instructor?
First, sign up and participate 100% in our 1-Day Instructor Training Workshop or On Demand Training. We offer both Virtual and In-person options

Second, memorize and present your assigned track at the training. If you "PASS" you are cleared to teach immediately, and begin working towards your full class video. If you receive a "SUBMIT" you will need to submit a video of yourself presenting this same assigned track before you are cleared to teach. 

Third, Practice, practice, practice. Teach live and mock classes to prepare for your full class video assessment. Within 3 months of your training day, record yourself teaching a full SURGE FIT class (with or without live participants). This gives us an opportunity to check in on our instructors and the effectiveness of our training.  It also gives you the opportunity to get feedback and perfect your craft. We will provide detailed feedback, and if you receive a PASS, you become an official SURGE FIT instructor. If you receive a "RE-SUBMIT" you will be required to submit another video of yourself teaching a full class and must receive a "PASS" before you can continue to teaching. 

What is the monthly instructor fee?

$19.99 for Surge Strength, $24.99 for Surge Fit, or $24.99 for both Surge Fit and Surge Strength

  • Access to our library of content, choreography notes and videos (200+ songs)

  • Marketing and business materials

  • FREE Surge Scene subscription with access to corporate live-stream classes. 


  • Latest Science, Research and Continuing Education on HIIT and SURGE

  • Access to Instructor Facebook Group

Can I do SURGE Workouts from Home?
Yes! Through SURGE SCENE we offer 5 virtual, on-demand Surge Fit and Surge Strength classes per week taught by Co-Creators and Master Trainers for just $8.99 per month. FREE 7-Day trial and cancel anytime. 

Is there a way for me to try SURGE FIT before subscribing to SURGE SCENE or signing up to be an instructor?

Yes! Check out our SURGE FIT playlist on our YouTube Channel.

It's completely FREE and you can do it as many times are you want. 

Does SURGE have any national accreditations?

YES! We have been approved by AFFA, NASM, and ACE for 8 CECs. 

What about Music?

We do not adjust the tempo or BPMs of the music. Instructors are free to use their favorite streaming service (ie. Spotify, Apply Music, Amazon, etc) or purchase songs individually. 

How long is a SURGE FIT class?

A standard SURGE FIT class is about 55 minutes. We also have a 45 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute format. 

How long is a Surge Strength class?
A standard Surge Strength class is about 30 minutes. We also have 45 minute, 55 minute and 60 minute formats. 

Can I Certify in Just Surge Strength?
Yes. Just register for our one-day Surge Strength Certification. 

I'm a Surge Fit Instructor, how can I add Surge Strength to my Certifications?
Purchase and complete the $49 Surge Strength Training module located in your Instructor Portal.  After completing the module, you'll have automatic access to the Surge Strength Instructor Portal located on the far right menu tab of the website. The Surge Strength Portal includes all Surge Fit strength training tracks as well as exclusive Surge Strength tracks and Strength warm-ups. The Surge Strength Portal is included in your Surge Fit Instructor Subscription with completion of the Surge Strength Training Module. 


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