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A new, functional athletic training tool for fitness professionals and enthusiasts! Your one stop shop for content to program your own circuit style station workouts. Whether you're a group fitness instructor looking for content ideas, or a fitness enthusiast needing inspiration on how to use the equipment at the gym, you'll find everything you need here!

Surge Stations Subscription
$9.99/month for limited time

What's Included:

  • Hundreds of Exercise Videos utilizing 21 different pieces of equipment

  • New exercise moves posted weekly

  • Class Plans to show you exactly how to format your class or workout, with new class plans posted each month

  • Workout of the Week you can do on your own or implement in your boot camp or stations circuit style class


Benefits of Functional Training

  • Strength

  • Stability

  • Balance

  • Mobility and Flexibility

  • Coordination

  • Injury Prevention

  • Sports/Fitness Performance

Why Would I Want to Teach or Do a Stations Workout?

  • Customizable for all fitness levels

  • ZERO choreography to learn

  • Use as much or as little equipment has you want.

  • Participants move at their own pace and can challenge themselves or go easier if they want to.  

  • Surge Stations Subscription makes planning a stations workout a breeze, you can do it in 5 minutes on the go. 


Who is this for?

  • For the fitness enthusiast looking for exercise ideas on how to use their favorite pieces of equipment.

  • For the group fitness instructor wanting new and fresh ways to format their stations circuit class.

  • For the gym goer who wants to use the functional training area at the gym but doesn't know where to start.

  • For the instructor who LOVES to teach, but doesn't want to learn more choreography. 

  • For the new instructor that wants tried and true moves and class formats to ensure their class successful!

  • For anyone wanting a kick butt, low impact workout.

  • For the experienced instructor who wants to teach more classes, but may need to take more of coaching role to preserve their energy and body. 


Q: Is this a Certification?​

A: No, Surge Stations is a functional training tool that gives you content to program your own circuit style workouts.

Q: Is this only for Instructors?

A: No! This resource can be utilized by anyone.

Q: Do I need to have all the equipment?

A: No. You can use as much or as little equipment as you like.

Q: Do I have to call my class Surge Stations?

A: No. You can call your class whatever you like. 

Q: Do I have to follow your class plans?

A: No. You can use our class plan templates or make up your own. 

Q: How many participants are these type of classes/workouts designed for?

A: Depends on your equipment. These workouts can be done solo or with a group of up to 60 people. 

Q: Do I need a certification to teach a Stations class?

A: We recommend a general accredited fitness certification to teach any fitness class.


Q: Can I do these workouts and exercises on my own without any training or experience.

A: Yes. You can definitely do these workouts and exercises on your own. Just follow the videos. 


Equipment Options

  • Bands

  • Barbells

  • Battleropes

  • Bench

  • Box/Steps

  • Bosu

  • Hurdles/Cones

  • Jump Rope

  • Kettlebells

  • Ladders

  • Landmine

  • Mat

  • Medicine Ball

  • Mini Loop Band

  • Plates

  • Pull up Bar

  • Sandbag

  • Slam Ball

  • Sled

  • TRX

  • Wall Ball

Demo Video

Great news! You can now see how Surge Stations works with this new demo video. It's a quick and easy way to a get a feel for how easy Surge Stations makes planning a class or workout!

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