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What Is Surge Strength?

Surge Strength is a high-rep, targeted, ALL weight training workout - set to music you know and love! Muscle focused, strength training tracks, using dumbbells, strengthen, shape and tone every muscle in your body for a fun and powerful full body workout that will leave you feeling lean and strong!



Are you a current Surge Fit instructor? Purchase and complete the $49 Surge Strength Training module here.  After completing the module, you'll have everything you need to teach the Surge Strength format.

Looking to certify in Surge Strength ONLY? Register for one of our virtual Surge Strength Instructor Trainings here.


Wanting to try a Surge Strength class? Check out our online class option - Surge Scene.  3 new Surge Fit classes and 2 new Surge Strength classes are posted weekly.  $8.99/month gets you access to all these classes.  Start your 7-day free trial today!

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