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What is Tempo Weight Training?

Tempo weight training involves lifting weights alongside a tempo, which is used with the purpose of building more muscle, conditioning strength, and burning extra fat.⁣

“Varying the speed of an exercise, changes the stress placed on the muscles,” says Henry Barratt, PT and creator of The HB Method. “For example, with a squat, using a slower tempo on the way down and on the way up will increase the muscles time under tension, stimulating the muscle to get stronger.”

Tempo weight training can be applied to all your favorite weight training moves from squats to presses to push ups. And we include lots of different type of tempos in all our tracks. ⁣

What are the benefits of tempo weight training?⁣

Well, aside from the strengthening benefits already mentioned, tempo weight training is also a great way of practicing mindfulness. Tempo weight training improves body awareness, form and balance, allowing participants to really focus on strength and control. ⁣

SURGE FIT takes out all the guess work. Our weighted strength training tracks use various tempos to increase strength, power, fiber activation, and burn extra fat. Some common tempos you will see in a SURGE FIT class are 2x2 (2 down 2 up), 3x1 (slow to the bottom and fast to the top), static holds (7x1), 4x4 slow burn, and isometric training where we hold at the bottom and at the top.⁣

The more variation and creativity we can bring to your training methodologies, the more stimulation the body and muscles receive, which promotes increased adaption and shape change.⁣

So which tempo is your favorite? Are you a 1x1 fast rep gal or do you prefer the slow burn of a 4x4?

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