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What is HIFT

HIFT combines high-intensity cardio (HIIT) with compound, functional, muscular-training exercises. While a newer term, this training technique has been used for over a decade.

Research suggests that this type of training is both safe and effective for improving cardio fitness, muscle strength and power, as well as overall health.

The term functional means any exercise that uses a large group of muscles to perform tasks similar to those you do in your daily life—bending and lifting movements (e.g., squatting); single-leg movements (e.g., lunging); pushing movements; pulling movements and rotational (spiral) movements.

HIFT combines these exercises into a fun, fast-paced workout.

Here’s what you need to know about HIFT, and how Surge Fit uses this methodology to give you the most fun, effective and efficient workout out there!

A Brief Rundown on HIFT Research

Multiple studies have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of HIFT and suggest that it combines the benefits of muscular training and HIIT. Previous research indicates that HIIT can produce similar or greater results to steady-state cardio with a lower time commitment. When HIIT is combined with resistance training to create HIFT, however, research suggests that it may improve a variety of fitness parameters, including cardiorespiratory fitness, anaerobic power and muscular strength.

One study directly compared HIFT to HIIT by having female participants spend six weeks in either a group HIIT or HIFT class. The HIIT and HIFT groups had similar improvements in maximal oxygen consumption, or VO2max, (∼7%) and anaerobic power (∼15%). However, the HIFT group also demonstrated increases in squat (39%), press (27%) and deadlift (18%) strength. The HIIT group saw no increases in strength.

Traditional muscular training does not provide a significant cardiovascular response. However, when the same movements are performed in a HIFT format with little rest between efforts, they can serve as a powerful stimulus not only for strength and power, but also for the aerobic and anaerobic systems as well.

After 24 weeks, the group using the HIFT protocol improved muscular strength and endurance, while simultaneously improving aerobic endurance, agility and body composition. By contrast, the traditional muscular training group saw no changes in aerobic endurance, agility or body composition.

The combined nature of HIFT makes it an effective and time-efficient strategy for people who want to improve multiple parameters of fitness,

Surge Fit & HIFT

SURGE FIT was created by two fitness fanatics who wanted to design a group fitness format that used this HIFT methodology to combine the endorphin high of cardio with the body sculpting results of weight training in a simple but fun format that would appeal to everyone. The philosophy is simple. HIIT Cardio + Weight Training + Great Music = Results. Surge Fit combines the best parts of popular exercise techniques and scientific research and adds great music to get participants not only in amazing shape but also having the time of their lives. Popular, sing-a-long tunes, unique moves, an encouraging group environment and inspiring coaching keeps participants coming back for more. Feel the Surge!

Resources: ACE Certified December 2021 "It's Time to Introduce Your Clients to High Intensity Functional Training" Read the full article on

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