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This #1 tip will CHANGE your workout!

Learning to properly engage your QUADS in cardio and not just relying on your calves has so many benefits:

Joint Stability and Injury Prevention

The quads play a crucial role in stabilizing the knee joint. They act as a shock absorber and help cushion the impact on the knees. Which is extremely important in high-impact activities. Strengthening these muscles helps to distribute force more evenly, reducing the risk of injuries such as ligament strains or tears during cardio exercises that involve repetitive knee movement. Adversely, staying on the balls of the feet and solely relying on the calf muscles can lead to increased strain on the knee joint and increase the risk for injury.

Improved Endurance

Strong quads increase endurance by efficiently distributing effort, allowing for more extended and effective cardio sessions. Staying on the balls of your feet during cardio leaves you solely relying on the calf muscles hindering your ability to sustain prolonged physical activity.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Engaging the quads contributes to better performance in cardio activities. This large muscle group provides the POWER needed for movements like pushing off the ground in a tuck jump or putting force behind a side kick.

Caloric Expenditure and Increased Metabolism

Since the quads are a larger muscle, activating them in cardio increases the overall energy expenditure, leading to a higher calorie burn and EPOC. In contrast only using the calf muscles will not deliver the same calorie burn and decrease the efficiency of your workout.

Reduced Risk of Imbalances and Improved Posture

Focusing on quad engagement prevents muscle imbalances in the lower body. Imbalances can lead to issues such as IT band syndrome or patellofemoral pain. Strong quads also contribute to better posture which will help prevent discomfort during cardio exercises and in everyday activities.


Cross Training Versatility

Engaging your quads properly increases your ability to adapt to different cardio exercises. Allowing you to optimally perform in a wide range of movements and increasing overall fitness.

Surge fit cardio tracks are designed with ample time for you to get low in a wide variety of athletic movements, allowing you to engage your quads properly and reap the benefits! In this weeks TOW “I Believe That We Will Win” the traveling squat to side hook is the perfect time for you to concentrate on engaging your quads and put power into those punches by using those big leg muscles!

So get yourself to a Surge Fit class, or join us on demand, and see how engaging your quads more enhances your workout! Feel the Surge!

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