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How Light Weights Can Get You Strong, Defined Shoulders Fast!

Stay Safe


The old saying ‘go big or go home’ doesn’t necessarily apply to every muscle group and shoulder training is a great example due to it being a delicate joint and smaller muscle group. Lighter weights are key to staying safe, and getting strong, defined deltoid muscles fast, and ultimately to being able to feel stronger in other compound exercises, like the squat press, dumbbell swing or push-ups.


Heavy Weights For Shoulders Often Force Your Body to Recruit Other Muscles to Help

When people grab heavy weights for shoulder exercises, they often use a lot of other muscles to actually move that heavy weight, including triceps, chest, back, core and even legs. When you engage all these other muscle groups to move a heavier weight, you are not working your shoulders as much as you think. Momentum kicks in, which defeats the purpose of the exercise.

Use Zero Momentum to Isolate Shoulders and Create More Time Under Tension 

One of the best techniques for working shoulders involves picking up some light dumbbells and using muscle control, tempo training, and zero momentum to isolate and drive tension into the shoulder muscles. Shoulder move variations that require stopping and starting with control like the slow lateral raise in this week’s Track of the Week “Enemy” ensures the deltoids do all the work and momentum isn't playing a role.

Reap the Rewards


This technique yields gains in size and strength of the deltoids which you'll also be able to feel over time in other compound exercises as well as in your daily life. Slowly increase your weight selection over time as you keep good control and form and you will see and feel the difference!

Feel the Surge!

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