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10 Benefits to Rotational Movement

1.     Improve mobility and range of motion


2.     Better lower back health


3.     Increase power and performance


4.     Improve core strength


5.     Reduce risk of injury


6.     Improve weightlifting


7.     Increase speed and acceleration


8.     Better balance


9.     Better posture


10.  Make everyday tasks easier



Rotation is the fundamental essence of human movement and a key component to fitness and athletic performance.


The more effectively you can rotate and transfer power, the better you’ll be able to move with ease in daily activities and increase power and explosiveness in athletics - all while protecting the back muscles and spine, decreasing your risk of injury.


Rotational movements start with thoracic spine rotation and core power. The abdominal muscles stabilize the body and transfer power from the lower body to the upper body and vice versa. Rotational exercises work through the hips and core to generate power. Better functional strength in your hips and core muscles will improve torso rotation and lead to strong and efficient movement in everything you do.


Sports like basketball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, pickleball, football and golf all require rotational force and power.


Rotational training translates not only to all sports but everyday life activities like twisting to put your seatbelt on, throwing a back pack over your shoulder, or tying your shoes. Rotation training allows your body to execute movements during the day with strength and power. This support helps avoid injuries. If your back is tight, it limits what you can do and for how long you can do basic motions. Reach and bend with ease by training rotational movements


Surge implements rotational movement in lots of our weight training tracks. We rotate through our trunk in the Twisty T move in the shoulder track “Don’t Cry for Me” and in the circular push-ups found in “Believer” and the “Motto”. Surge Fit also includes rotational movement in cardio tracks like this week’s track of the week “Game Time” with the dibble lunge and knee pulls.


We rotate constantly throughout the day. If you’re not training your body for that, you’ll lose strength, stability, and mobility; and be more prone to injuries.

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