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Why You Should Try High Intensity Low Impact Training

High Intensity Low Impact Training (aka HILIT) combines the satisfying and effectiveness of a HIIT workout with a low impact approach that is easy on the body.

Growing Popularity of HILIT

HILIT is a growing trend in group fitness because it combines the benefits of HIIT with the gentler aspects of a low-impact workout. A high intensity low impact exercise can get your heart rate up, burn calories, improve cardio fitness and muscle strength, all while protecting your body from injury and joint pain.

The Benefits of High Intensity Low Impact Training

- Time efficient

-Gentle on the joints

- Safe

-Accessible to everyone

Are There Any Downsides? YES!

- Some might find low impact exercise too slow

- Intensity. It's more difficult to get the heart rate up doing low impact moves. It helps to wear a fitness watch that measures heart rate, so you know if you need to increase the intensity by getting lower or using stronger movements.

- One of the benefits of high-impact training is that it builds bone density, something you'll miss out on doing only low-impact workouts.

Examples of HILIT Workouts

Kickboxing, bodyweight exercises, TRX, cycling, powerlifting, and walking at an incline.

All the Surge Fit Cardio Low tracks, including this week’s Track of the Week “In the Sunrise, “ are High Intensity Low Impact Training. We use kickboxing and other low impact, compound movements to get the heart rate pumping with little to no impact on the joints.

And stay tuned for more Cardio Low tracks coming your way soon!

How to Make every Surge Fit Class a HILIT Class

Did you know you can make any Surge Fit Cardio track a Cardio Low track? Make it low impact by doing strong intentional options, like a low squat instead of a tuck jump, step back lunge instead of a jumping lunge, or tap out jumping jacks with strong intentional arms. Burpees are actually a great low impact move. Take out the jump at the top and you’ve got a full body compound move that includes squats and planks with little to no impact on the joints. You can walk out almost every move and still get a great workout.

Including HIIT and HILIT training in your exercise routine will keep your body challenged, your metabolism revving, increase your cardio and muscular strength, all while keeping your body and joints safe!

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