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Why Work Back & Butt Together?

Our “Back & Butt” tracks are designed to work the entire posterior chain. The posterior chain refers to the muscles located on the backside of your body, including your upper and lower back, lats, the erector spinae (the muscle group that runs a long the spine), hamstrings, glutes, and calves. The muscles in the posterior chain work in tandem to stabilize your spine and hips and contain much of the body’s power - working to propel the body while maintaining balance and posture.

FUN FACT: The posterior chain includes half of the body’s muscle mass.

Strengthening these muscles together is necessary to improve agility, lower body strength, power, coordination and control. This is important for athletic movements that require jumping, rotating, lifting or landing. A strong posterior can also chain reduces the risk of injury and back pain.

Most of our “Back & Butt” tracks incorporate compound exercises, which use two or more muscle groups in the chain to mimic daily life activities (like the suitcase lift) as well as athletic training exercises (like the skater pull) to improve functional fitness.

Which “Back & Butt” move is your favorite?

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