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Why Weight Selection Matters

Proper weight selection is VITAL for an effective workout. In Surge, we use heavy, medium, and light weights ranging from 5-20 lbs. We follow industry recommendations, working our large muscles first, using heavy weights, and moving our way through each major muscle group, finishing with smaller muscles, using lighter weights.

Not All Muscle Groups Are Created Equal

Large muscle groups like legs, chest, back and glutes are strong muscle groups composed of more muscle fibers and a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscle. These fibers react well to heavier work loads thus have greater force production and power. This is why we use heavy weights for our leg, chest and back/butt tracks. On the other hand, the shoulders, being a smaller muscle group and having a smaller supply of fast-twitch muscles, fatigue faster. Due to this, we use lighter weights for our shoulders.

Muscle Engagement & Progression

Picking the proper weight ensures that the targeted muscle groups are engaged throughout the exercise. The weight should be challenging in order to stimulate muscle growth, but form is NOT compromised.


Choosing the appropriate weight is crucial for preventing injury. More important than the heaviness of the weight selected is maintaining correct form throughout the movement. Poor form and excessive strain on your muscles can lead to problems, from immediate issues like back pain to more long-term injuries like shoulder impingement. Specifically for shoulders, lifting a lighter weight with proper form will allow you to strengthen muscles with less risk of injury.

In Surge, we take the guesswork out of weight selection. Instructors let you know what muscle group we are targeting and will provide general weight recommendations before each track so you can feel confident from the start. What are you waiting for? Come FEEL the Surge!

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