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Why We Love (and Hate) Burpees


Love them or Hate them, Burpees work a lot of muscles! And ALL at the same time!!!




Burpees are a combination of a squat, plank, and a squat jump.


Low Impact


Take out the jump at the end and it is one of the most effective low impact body weight exercises you can do.


What muscles do burpees work?


More or less, all of them.


·      Quads

·      Glutes

·      Hamstrings

·      Core

·      Shoulders

·      Chest

·      Triceps

·      Calves




Increased Power Output

Plyometric exercises like the burpee help activate and strengthen fast-twitch muscles (type II). This is great for anyone wanting to build a little more power in their sport or movement.


Muscular Endurance

Increase the reps of your burpees and you work muscle endurance. How long can you burpee before your muscles get tuckered out.


Functional Strength

The ability to get yourself up off the floor is an important skill for overall health and function, whether its playing with kids on the floor or scrubbing the baseboards or having an accidental fall.


Improved Cardio Capacity and Performance

Your heart is responsible for pumping blood through your body. When you are working lots of muscles at once it requires your heart to work hard to send blood, oxygen and nutrients to all the working muscles. When you strengthen the heart it becomes more efficient at pumping blood around the body and your performance improves.


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