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Why Strong Triceps are Important

Did you know the Triceps muscle is 2x as big as the biceps muscle and makes up 2/3 of your arm. This is why we do triceps before biceps.

Why Strong Triceps Are Important

·      Upper body strength

·      Stability in shoulders and arms

·      Increases range of motion

·      Supports bone health

·      Strong triceps help in daily activities

·      pushing and pulling heavy loads

·      lifting overhead

·      swimming

·      tennis

·      volleyball

·      basketball

·      rowing

·      boxing

·      cheering

·      Strong triceps are useful in weightlifting exercises like the chest press and overhead press

·      Strong triceps help deliver the straight arm punch just like the Superman punch in this week’s Track of the Week “I Feel Good”

Challenge yourself in the Triceps tracks and reap the rewards both in class and in life.



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