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Why is the Hip Hinge Important? And #1 Hack on How to Do it with Perfect Alignment!

The hip hinge is important because it helps you target the muscles in the posterior chain ie. the glutes, hamstrings, back muscles, and in this weeks TOTW the TRICEPS safely and effectively! If you perform tricep kickbacks in a more upright position, you lose tension and muscle activation in your triceps and put more strain on your shoulders. Incorrect alignment and/or movement pattern can completely change the muscles worked. Over time, you may not see the specific muscle gains or improvements that you were hoping for.

How To Hip Hinge

1. Push your hips backward

2. Lean your chest forward like you are looking over a cliff


1. Engage Core - To keep your low back pain-free

2. Maintain Flat Back If you round the spine, you’re going to put a lot of pressure into the low back. If you can see your shoulders in your peripheral vision, you're curving your back. Once those shoulders start to come forward, that's when there’s a potential for injury on the back.

3. Look toward the ground in order to maintain a neutral head and neck position.

Setting Up Perfect Alignment

Alignment is key to target the correct muscles the exercise is designed for AND to protect you from injury.

#1 Hack for Perfect Hip Hinge Alignment

Using your anything that you have around such as a dowel, hockey stick, broom, golf club etc, place it on your back touching three points of contact: the back of the HEAD, between your shoulder BLADES, and your BUM. From there, simply hinge froward from your hips while maintaining contact at those three points with the dowel.

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