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Why is it OK to go to the ground during a high intensity workout?

When you are doing cardio, lots of your blood is circulating in your limbs to support the working muscles. Immediately after cardio, your body uses your muscles to help pump blood and nutrients back to your heart, brain and core. It is the expansion and contraction of muscles that pumps blood and nutrients back to the heart.

In Surge, when we drop to the ground, we do not stop our workout. In fact, when we perform push ups, chest flys in a bridge position, weighted crunches, or a plank row we are using many, many muscles, stabilizers, and connective tissue. This work keeps muscles contracting and capillaries in your limbs wide open to get nutrients and oxygen to the muscles being used AND to your core and brain. If you check your heart rate during these tracks it drops, but not to resting. Transitions are quick and this floor work uses many, many different muscles, one of the reasons its so good and so effective.

Many, many formats use floor work, prone and supine type positions, as part of their HIIT workouts including, BodyAttack, Jillian Michaels BodyShred, Les Mills Grit, Beach Body and others. The old adage of not going to the ground during a workout is outdated and is not inclusive of doing hiit and strength training type of exercises.

We always encourage instructors to give participants 10 seconds or so to set up for each strength training track and generally that is enough time. But please if you feel like you need more time, take it. It’s your workout!

We also always encourage participants to follow doctors orders. If you have a special condition, please listen to your doctor. Generally speaking, intertwining different types of exercises in various positions including prone and supine positions is a very safe and effective way to mix up your workout.


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