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Why is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) so effective?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Because it burns calories and works to change your body long after your workout is over through a process called EPOC. EPOC is influenced by the INTENSITY, not the duration of exercise.

Think short, intense bursts! Think HIIT!

Higher intensities require ATP (or energy) from anaerobic pathways, if the ATP required for the exercise was not obtained aerobically. After your HIIT workout is over, the body uses oxygen and the aerobic pathways to replace ATP, restore glycogen and rebuild muscle proteins, enhancing the EPOC effect and increasing your afterburn.

SURGE FIT short Cardio and Cardio Kicker tracks are strategically placed between weight training tracks to provide you with the opportunity to reach that high intensity so your body can use the anaerobic as well as the aerobic pathways, leaving you feeling challenged, energized, and burning tons of calories long after your workout is over.

High intensity is different for everyone. One person may reach this high intensity doing a double squat while another individual gets there doing a push up burpee. There are always options and ways to level up or level down. Do what your body needs and reap the rewards.

Feel the Surge!

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