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Why Does Surge Fit Alternate 1 Cardio with 1 Weight Training Track?

Why does Surge Fit alternate 1 Cardio with 1 Weight Training Track?


To follow HIIT protocol for a true HIIT workout that gets results. 


Benefits to HIIT include:

-       Increase metabolic function and calorie burning potential throughout the day

-       Increase EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), after-burn effect

-       Increase muscle fiber activation will contour, define and condition muscles

-       Increase muscular power

-       Reduce blood pressure

-       Increase aerobic capacity

-       Improve heart function

-       Decrease resting heart rate

-       Increase mobilization and utilization of fat

-       Burn Calories


HIIT workouts alternate max effort, high intensity bouts, with lower intensity, short recovery periods. Max effort followed by short recovery is what makes exercise doable at intense, anaerobic levels, NOT possible to maintain continuously for a long duration. The high intensity bouts should be no lower than 70% VO2 Max, or maximum oxygen consumption, and a perceived exertion of 8-10 or greater. This max effort looks different on everyBODY. Options and low impact can still get that heart rate, V02 max, and perceived exertion sky high.


Surge Fit follows the research recommended protocols and uses plyometrics and other cardio moves to push participants to 80% of V02max and beyond during the short 3 min cardio tracks and then brings the participant's heart rate down and trains the muscles during the strength training tracks. Surge Fit cardio segments are limited to one track at a time so you can really push yourself to get to that max effort. Any longer and intensity drops and we compromise the benefits of HIIT (ie. EPOC, afterburn, metabolic rate, aerobic capacity,etc). Weight training tracks are limited to 1 track at a time to keep the recovery period short, increasing calorie burn potential, endorphins, and exercise momentum.


Check out your heart rate from your latest Surge Fit class. Do you see the waves in your heart rate?


Feel the Surge!




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