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Why Do We Put The Cardio Kicker Track At The End Of The Playlist?

CARDIO KICKER tracks are our most challenging cardio tracks. They are high impact, high intensity and give us the chance to get completely breathless. They often include lots of burpees, tuck jumps or star jumps! Cardio Kickers are designed to be plugged in as the very last cardio track in the formula, giving us one last chance to really exert ourselves. ⁣

Because we target our smaller muscle groups towards the end of the playlist (biceps and shoulders), our big muscle groups in our legs have had the chance to rest and recover. By the time we get to the cardio kicker, the legs are ready to work again for one last push! ⁣

If we were to place that kicker in the middle of the playlist, after back & butt, your big muscle groups would have a harder time pushing to maximum exertion since they haven’t had that time to recover. ⁣

The same concept applies to your mental stamina as well! Knowing that the Kicker is the last chance you get to increase your heart and that you don’t have to do any more cardio tracks in class really allows your brain to push through and give it one last hoorah!

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