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Why do these in your workout?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

✔️ Heavy Weights = Improve muscle strength, tendon strength, and EPOC

✔️ Lifting Light Weights Fast = Power development, fast twitch muscle development, and muscle endurance

✔️ Hop, Skip, Jump, Sprint = Coordination, bone density, balance, and cardiovascular fitness.

✔️ FUN! = Higher engagement, more consistent, and positive view on exercise

Science backs the idea that the more we include different types of movement in our daily routine, the better we will function throughout our life.

As we get older, motor neurons degenerate, muscle mass is lost, flexibility is lost, bone density decreases, tendons weaken and we lose muscle power. The good news is, our body is super adaptable, can change throughout life and can fight off/mitigate most of these issues.

SURGE FIT includes lots of different training techniques, strength and weight lifting moves as well as cardio moves to help combat these common signs of aging and get you feeling great!

So get moving! Stay moving! And have fun doing it!

There’s way more to working out than burning calories!

Feel the SURGE!

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