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Who says weight training has to be boring?

Our philosophy is simple.

HIIT Cardio + Weight Training + Set to Great Music = One Awesome SURGE FIT workout. Leaving you feeling strong and empowered!

SURGE FIT was created by two group fitness fanatics who wanted to create a format that combined the endorphin high of cardio moves with the body sculpting results of strength training. We combined the best parts of popular exercise techniques and scientific research and added great music to get participants not only in amazing shape but also having the time of their lives. SURGE classes utilize minimum equipment, just a set of dumbbells, a mat, and some space to move. Popular, sing-a-long tunes, unique moves, an encouraging group environment and inspiring coaching sets participants up for success and keeps them coming back for more. So what do you think?

How has SURGE changed your outlook on weight training?

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