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Which is Better a Forward or Reverse Lunge?

While forward and reverse lunges may look similar, they provide unique benefits by targeting different areas of your legs. What movement is better may vary depending on your preferences and needs.

Area of Emphasis

Forward lunges

Primarily target your quadricep muscle (the front thigh).

Reverse lunges

Focus on your posterior chain, putting more of an emphasis on your glutes (buttocks) and hamstrings (the back of the thigh).

Balance & Stability

In a forward lunge, the center mass moves forward, requiring more stability and balance. This activates core muscles and requires more coordination.

Reverse lunges are a little more grounded without the forward stepping momentum. They still require a good amount of control throughout the step back and descent.

Functional Movement

Forward lunges mimic activities performed in daily life such as walking and climbing stairs.

Reverse lunges activate the posterior chain needed for regular movements like bending at the hips and picking up objects off the ground.

Exercises like lunges help us age as both move you in different directions, requiring balance and control so that you catch your step, quickly change directions, and decelerate.

This week’s TOTW “Both” includes a Tik Tok Lunge: a combo move with a forward lunge and reverse lunge. Not only do we see the benefits of both types of lunges in this track, we also see a directional shift from forward to back, adding more balance and control. Integrating a variety of lunges into your regular routine will provide a more well-rounded workout.

What are you waiting for? LUNGE into Surge and give it a try! Check out to find a class near you!

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