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What are the benefits to Plyometrics?


Plyometrics is a type of exercise that gets your heart pumping and trains your muscles to produce explosive power (strength + speed). Plyometrics involve eccentric contraction or stretch of the muscles, immediately followed by concentric contraction of the same muscles.

Eccentric Contraction

During the eccentric component or loading phase the muscle is pre-stretched, storing potential energy. Examples include when a basketball player bends their knees and lowers their arms before a rebound or when a baseball player pulls his arm back before a pitch or when you touch the ground in a deep squat before a frog jump.

Concentric Contraction

Unloading the energy occurs in the concentric phase when the athlete releases the stored and redirected energy, jumping for the basket , slinging the ball or flying forward in the frog jump.

Plyo Exercise Examples

-squat jumps

-Frog jumps

-broad jumps

-star jumps

-jumping lunges

-clapping push ups


Athletes and recreational exercisers alike can improve their general fitness, performance and daily life by increasing their ability to harness the speed and force of plyometric movement.

· improved agility and coordination

· improved reaction time

· increased vertical jump height

· increased long jump distance

· increased strength

· improved running speed, agility, and quickness

· improved throwing, hitting, striking velocity

· improved reaction time

· quicker change of direction

· build muscle

· burn fat

improve mobility

The Frog Jump

Getting low (and then high) with the frog jump in this weeks track of the week offers a load of strength and aerobic benefits. Whether you want to become a faster runner, give your booty a boost, or just improve your overall health, these frog jumps might be for you. The key is to get low, jump high, and land soft to reduce stress on your joints.

Remember: Challenging yourself is one thing — hurting yourself is another. If you feel any pain or have a knee, ankle or leg injury or limitation, use the non jumping option to still reap so many benefits.

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