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The faces of SURGE class!

The many faces of a SURGE class! Smiles, connection, grit, toughness, strength, intensity, fun, and flavor.

Beauty lives in diversity. In the same way concerts alternate up-tempo songs with slow ballads, so do we in our classes. Throughout our SURGE FIT library you will find diversity in music genre, tempo, intensity, and style as well as in the movements in each Surge Fit track.

Great instructors also develop diversity in the way they coach and connect.

Sometimes you may be loud and motivating, other times silent or minimalist, and other times playful and fun.

Think about each track in your playlist. As you listen to your music and learn the moves, think about the feelings the music in that track evokes. Plan where and how you will bring those feelings to class. Let the music inspire and shape the experience.

If you scream the entire class, it really loses its effect. Your participants become numb to it. Plan times to whisper, smile, whoop, or groan. It's all part of delivering a diverse and memorable fitness experience that keeps your participants highly engaged and coming back for more!

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