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The Benefits of Training Legs with Dumbbells

When it comes to building lower body strength and muscle, machines, barbells and trap bars will allow you to move the most weight. BUT Dumbbells are the perfect way to add variety to your workout, improve balance, and increase targeted reps for more muscle growth.

Improve Strength Imbalances & Balance

Training legs unilaterally with a dumbbell can help strengthen imbalances between sides. When training with barbells and trap bars, sometimes one side can take over for another creating strength and muscle imbalances.

Dumbbells Are Easy to Use

Dumbbells are generally safer and easier to use with easy access and storage.

More Freedom of Movement & Training Variables

You have a lot of training variables to play with when it comes to dumbbells, such as load position, holds, and body position as well as movement. For example, you can place the dumbbells to your sides, between your legs, up near your chest, or on your back and shoulders. Dumbbells also allow us to use slit grips, and move in 3 dimensional planes.

Easier Learning Curve

New exercises can be easier to learn with dumbbells. With front squats, all you'd have to do is grab the dumbbells in a front position or goblet squat position. Both of which are easier to do than the grip, body position and wrist mobility needed for a loaded front squat with a barbell.

More Volume

Dumbbells will allow you to increase your volume without much strain or stress on your spine and joints. Because the amount of weight lifted tends to be a lighter with dumbbells, you can hone in on certain muscle groups to better develop them with high rep training for hypertrophy.

All in all, dumbbells are versatile, safe, and easy to use. And you can get really strong and build a lot of muscle using just dumbbells. Dumbbells are the perfect way to increase targeted volume for better muscle growth.

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