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SURGE FIT is for everyone!

SURGE FIT is the total body workout that truly is for EVERYONE, men and women!⁣

The main reason I started attending HIIT years ago was because it was something my husband and I could do together. He wanted to go to the gym after work and I didn’t want to be left out, so we went together. ⁣

We found a HIIT class that we both really enjoyed. There are not a lot exercise classes that cater to both men and women but HIIT is one of the few. We loved attending the Monday/Wednesday 6pm HIIT class. The instructor combined strength training and cardio in a way that was really fun, creative and challenging for both of us. Our relationship and our bodies grew stronger as we attended our Monday/Wednesday 6pm HIIT date night. ⁣

When I took over the class a year later, I knew how important it was for me to keep the class fun and challenging for both men and women. Wednesdays morphed into “Weights Wednesday” with an emphasis on weight training using dumbells with cardio segments in-between. As “Weights Wednesday" grew and became more popular, it morphed into SURGE FIT! ⁣

One of the things I LOVE most about SURGE FIT is that it is for women and men! Moves are simple, athletic, and repetitive. Participants cater the workout to their fitness level, body and health goals by going up or down in weight selection and/or range of motion. It is truly a total body workout for everyone! And leaves us all feeling the SURGE! ⁣

We are so excited to bring SURGE FIT to instructors and gyms all over.

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