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Supersets vs. Compound Sets vs. Giant Sets

Updated: Feb 7

Super sets and compound sets are both advanced training techniques used to maximize workout efficiency and challenge the body in different ways. Here's the difference between the two:

Super Sets

A super set involves performing two exercises back-to-back with minimal or no rest in between. These exercises traditionally target different muscle groups or opposing muscle groups, for or example, you could pair a bicep curl with a tricep extension. Sometimes the word superset is referring to two exercises for the same muscle group which is more specifically called a compound set. Super sets are used to increase the intensity of your workout, save time, and promote muscle endurance.

Compound Sets

A compound set involves performing two or more exercises for the same muscle group consecutively, again with minimal or no rest in between. Both exercises target the same muscle group from different angles or with slightly different movements. For instance, you could combine a bench press with a push-up. Compound sets are used to stimulate muscle growth, increase strength, and enhance muscle recruitment.

Giant Sets

A giant set is where multiple exercises are performed consecutively without rest, targeting the same muscle group or related muscle groups. It's an intense method to increase muscle endurance and stimulate muscle growth. A typical giant set may consist of 3-6 exercises performed back-to-back with minimal rest between each exercise. It's important to choose exercises that target different aspects of the muscle group to build, strengthen and define all aspects of the muscle being trained and improve functional fitness.

What Type of Sets Does Surge Use?

Surge tracks are comprised of either Compound or Giant Sets that target ONE muscle group.

Big Muscle groups always go first!

This method is safe, effective, promotes muscle growth and allows for progressive overload as you track your weight selections in each track.

The Surge Format & Progressive Overload

The Surge format is scientifically and methodically designed to give you the safest and best workout for your time. Big muscle groups and compound movements that require the most muscle activation go first. The compound or giant sets used in each track promote muscle growth and allow for progressive overload over time. Track your weight selections in each track and slowly increase your weight as you get stronger. New and unique movements and variations also provide a training stimulus for progressive overload so there is no plateu or boredom.

This weeks TOTW "Players" uses a Giant Set with 4-8 reps of each move: a bicep scoop, 1 arm top range curl, and a windshield wiper curl to train the bicep from all different angles and keep lots of time under tension to build your biceps.

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