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Super Sets!

Supersets is a strength training technique we use lots in SURGE FIT classes.

What Is a Superset?

Two strength exercises combined with little to no programmed rest in-between.

Science of Supersets

Researchers have found energy expenditure (aka energy used, or calories burned) is greater following a superset workout vs. a traditional styled resistance workout. Additionally, post-exercise oxygen consumption and blood lactate levels were higher post-workout in the superset group, which suggests these subjects to have a longer elevated energy expenditure (will burn calories longer after the workout is over).

Industry Recommendations

In SURGE, we follow industry recommended guidelines to make sure participants are working safely and effectively. Compound, or multi-joint movements, always come first! You don’t want to be physically/mentally fatigued for strength training exercises that require the most amount of muscle activation and effort and offers the greatest benefit to your body. This is why our LEGS track always comes first! We want you to feel fresh and ready for this track to maintain proper form for a safe and effective workout.

Similar Muscle Group Super Sets

There are many different types of super sets. In SURGE we use Similar Muscle Group sets. In these supersets you’re performing exercises one after each other that stimulate similar muscles. For example, performing a chest fly then a push up or a squat and a lunge.

This type of super setting improves your muscle’s endurance and muscle definition.

Additional Superset Benefits

Time Saver – efficient and effective

Increase Strength: in workouts and daily life

Metabolic Benefit: Moving more in less time (with less rest) will often equate to increased energy expenditure and a higher afterburn.

Increase in Muscle: more lean muscle mass and muscle definition

Who can use supersets?

In reality, anyone can use supersets. Fitness enthusiasts, recreational lifters, weightlifters, sport athletes, bodybuilding, and powerlifters can all benefit by using supersets in their workouts.

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