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Strength-training for all major muscle groups is recommended at least 2 days per week

Did you know that performing strength-training exercises for all major muscle groups is recommended at least 2 days per week? According to the American College of Sports Medicine, strength training can increase

  • muscle mass

  • power

  • strength

  • improve physical performance

  • reduce risk of injury

In Surge we work every major muscle group, every single class!

We take the guess work out of deciding what exercises to do, which muscles to work, how many reps, and how much to lift. Our classes are programed to focus on one muscle group at a time, methodically working our way from the biggest muscle group with compound lifts like squats, deadlifts and dumbbell swings, to the smallest muscle groups with isolated weight training like lateral shoulder raises and bicep curls, for a safe and effective class that is loads of fun. We use tempo training to increase hypertrophy and build power with more time under tension. Our progressive strength training approach allows participants to self-select their weights and gradually increase their weight selection as they get stronger.

If you haven’t been to a class yet, what are you waiting for?

Find an instructor near you with our Find a Class tab on our website or check out our virtual class platform Surge Scene with new classes posted daily.

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