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Perceived Level of Exertion

Surge Fit is a HIIT workout!

Definition of HIIT

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), typically alternates high effort bouts with lower intensity recovery bouts, making exercise doable at intense, anaerobic levels, which aren’t possible to maintain continuously for a long duration. Surge follows the research recommended protocols and uses plyometrics and other cardio moves to push participants beyond 85% of V02max during the cardio tracks and then brings the participant's heart rate down and trains the muscles during the strength tracks.

Check out your heart rate on your watch from your Surge Fit class? Do you see the surges? #showmeyoursurge

Surge Fit and Perceived Level of Exertion

The following is a general recommendation for participant exertion based on the Perceived Intensity Scale; 1 being the lowest (ie. resting) and 10 being the highest (breathless, need to stop!)

Warm up - Intensity Scale 5-6

Cardio Tracks - Intensity Scale 8 -10

Strength Training Tracks - Intensity Scale 6-8

Cool-down Track - 4-5

By alternating 1 Cardio track with 1 Weight Training track we can get the benefits of HIIT and weight training ALL in one class!!!


• Increase metabolism

• Increase EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), after-burn effect

• Increase muscle fiber activation will contour, define and condition muscles

• Increase muscular endurance and power

• Reduce blood pressure

• Increase aerobic capacity

• Improve heart function

• Decrease resting heart rate

• Increase mobilization and utilization of fat

• Burn Calories

• Improve muscle strength and endurance

• Improve kinesthetic awareness, reaction time, coordination and agility

• Improve Joint Mobility

• Improve bone density

• Improve posture and stability

• Decrease stress and balances hormone levels

• Improve self-confidence

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