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Metabolic Conditioning

As humans, we walk. We run. We climb. We bend. We lift. We adapt. We want our body to be ready for whatever we throw at it. SURGE FIT is full of functional fitness exercises and training techniques that do all these things and more. ⁣

One of the hottest training styles right now is Metabolic Conditioning. Metabolic conditioning, often referred to as MetCon, is a form of fitness training that involves varying intensities and styles of exercises. It can range from High Intensity Interval Workouts (HIIT) to supersets and circuit workouts to combining strength and cardio exercises together, cue SURGE FIT. ⁣

The definition of metabolic conditioning is broad in the fitness world, but the science — and the principles behind it — has always remained the same. Metabolic conditioning targets every energy system.⁣

Three Energy Systems⁣

1. ATP-PC System - supplies the energy for high-power, short-duration activity (max power for 10-15 seconds). Think the star jump to squat jump set in the Kicker track “Gasoline”. ⁣

2. Glycolytic System - provides energy to our muscles through glycolysis for up to 90 seconds after its initial burst from the phosphagen system. This allows us to power through slightly longer intervals such as the shuffle to lunge combo in the CARDIO track “Breaking Me”.⁣

3. Oxidation System - Once our body has engaged in sustained activity for longer than 90 seconds {approximately}, our body requires oxygen to continue to endure. The aerobic oxidative system works to produce energy from both fats and carbohydrates to keep the body functioning at its sustained levels for extended periods of time. Think strength training tracks. ⁣

Our body does not work in a linear fashion. We do not solely utilize the ATP-PC system for maximum power. Our body starts to recruit energy from the various systems as the energy becomes available in the body. The aerobic system will kick in to help support the glycolytic system, and the phosphagen system will build up some added power. This is what allows us to hurdle or burpee to the end. ⁣

Metabolic conditioning is the key to building up our body’s ability to improve our energy and get us results!

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