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How Should You Warm up for an All Strength Workout?

Current research suggests the most effective warm up routines are dynamic and specific to the program, sport, or workout about to be performed.

The warm up for an all weight training program should include weights as well as dynamic movements similar to those you will see later on in the workout.


Benefits of a Weighted Warm-up for Strength Training

1. Activation of Target Muscles

Incorporating weighted exercises during your warm-up can help active the specific muscles you’ll be targeting in your strength workout. By doing so, your body is better prepared for heavier weights to come.

2. Neuromuscular priming

Weighted warm-up sets with lighter weights has been shown to improve neuromuscular coordination. This can enhance the mind-muscle connection which helps optimize your lifting technique.

3. Improved Joint mobility and Injury Prevention

Including dynamic mobility exercises with resistance (ie. the dynamic side lunge with 1 arm back fly found in “The Spark”) can enhance joint flexibility and stability. These type of moves can also help you recognize any discomfort or mobility issues that may require adjustment in your technique, reducing the risk of injury later with heavier weights.

4. Mental preparation

A weighted warm-up also serves as mental preparation, helping you focus on your technique and get into the right mindset for your strength training session.

5. Efficient use of time

A weighted warm-up serves a dual purpose by combining warm-up and strength-building elements. This can save you time in your workout and allow you to work on developing strength while ensuring you are adequately prepared for your workout ahead.

Surge Strength Warm Ups

Surge Strength follows industry recommended standards and uses a weighted warm-up to best prepare participants for the strength workout ahead.

In this weeks Surge Strength Warm up “The Spark” we use dynamic mobility exercises as well as multi-muscle movements that mimic exercises you will see later on in your workout. The dynamic side lunge 1 arm back fly warms up your glutes, hamstrings, back and core all while increasing mobility in your hips and shoulders and resembles a back fly move you will see later on in your back and butt track.

All of our warm-ups are designed to warm up every muscle group before moving into our heavier isolated weight training tracks in order to enhance overall performance during the workout.

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