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HIIT Looks Different on EveryBODY

HIIT is high intensity bouts of exercise at 70% VO2 max or more and a perceived exertion of 8/10 or greater and short recovery periods in between.

HIIT Benefits include:

  • Increase metabolism

  • Increase power

  • Increase aerobic capacity

  • Improve heart function

  • Increase mobilization and utilization of fat

  • Improve kinesthetic awareness, reaction time, coordination and agility

  • Improve Joint mobility

  • Improve self-confidence

An easy measurable is heart rate. Your max heart rate is 220 - your age.

You can see if you are hitting those peaks and reaping the rewards by looking at your watch. Look at those Surges and your max heart rate. Do you see the waves calories burned or workout time is not as important in gaining the benefits of HIIT as is reaching that max effort and then recovering so you can do it again.

What that looks like in class varries greatly. Some may get there with a squat, some want to tuck jump, some get there with energy and tension in their arms and legs.

In Surge Fit there are options for everyone and every fitness level. In this week’s Track of the Week “Hollaback Girl” you can take out all the tuck jumps and burpees, make the entire track low impact and still get a kick butt workout and reach those HIIT peaks!

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