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Feel Energized, Strong, & Powerful

Updated: May 23, 2022

We want you to feel energized, strong and powerful after every Surge Fit class. That’s why we keep our movement grounded, athletic and controlled.

We use muscle over momentum to activate more muscle fibers, develop great body control, and strengthen and define our bodies. Think about control, getting off the balls of your feet, and sitting low.

For example, in this week’s track of the week “Squad” try planting your heels in your jacks instead of bounding on the balls of your feet, this will activate your glutes, hamstrings and quads.

In the burpee section, squat in and out of your burpee (to protect your low back) but also to get power from your legs to push through the floor and power the tuck. Using the squat to activate your glutes will not only work those 🍑 but it will also power the tuck to give you more lift and energy to fly high.

Feel the Surge!

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