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is the ability to produce max force in minimal time

Think box jump, volleyball spike, jump shot, or the jump slam found in this weeks TOTW “Geronimo”

Explosiveness is critical for quick movements such as sprinting, jumping, punching, throwing, kicking, etc. Explosive power combines speed and strength.


Fat loss. Adding new explosive movement creates an increased metabolic demand due to inefficiency in your body learning a new training move. Being inefficient at something actually benefits your health!

Build muscle. Explosive movements increase muscle fiber recruitment. The more muscle fiber you activate, the more fibers you can exhaust while training, increasing muscle size and strength.

More energy and metabolic conditioning. It’s no secret that any exercise requiring both power and speed can quickly cause fatigue. That’s why mixing short, quick explosive, movements in with other types of training is so important. Your body will switch back and forth between anaerobic and aerobic energy systems to provide the energy your body needs.

Improve athleticism and coordination Great athletes have strength, speed, power, body control, and muscle coordination. The coordinated firing of motor units within a single movement is a skill that can be developed using explosive movements.

Improve agility and reaction time. Explosive movements make the mind more alert and focused. This sharpens your reaction time allowing you to react faster to prevent tripping, falling and other accidents in the future.

Surge Fit classes are full of both traditional and unique explosive movements designed will challenge your body and your mind.

Check out a class today!

Feel the Surge!

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