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Drag Curls: The Arm Sculpting Secret

Drag curls are a lesser known but highly effective exercise that can take your biceps to the next level.

Effective Bicep Isolation

Compared to traditional bicep curls, the drag curl targets the Bicep brachii muscles more directly. This is due to the strict range of motion that decreases the involvement of other muscles, such as the deltoids (shoulders) or the forearms. This focused activation can lead to greater bicep hypertrophy (muscle growth) over time.

Bicep Peak Development

Drag curls EMPHASIZE the contraction of the biceps at the top of the movement (explains the extreme burn from the TOTW), which can help in sculpting a more pronounced bicep peak, esthetically speaking.

Reduced Stress on wrist and Elbows

The drag curl mechanics result in less strain on the wrist and elbow joint than standard bicep curls.

Functional Strength

Drag curls mimic the natural pattern of pulling an object toward the body, making them more functionally relevant than some bicep exercises. This can translate to improved strength and performance in activities involving lifting or pulling motions.

Better Form with Decrease in Momentum/Swing

The drag curl promotes good form and targets the bicep effectively because it discourages the use of momentum. This ensures that the biceps are the primary muscles doing the work, leading to more effective muscle isolation and growth.

Drag curls are a valuable and often overlooked exercise that isolates the bicep effectively, increases the bicep peak, reduces stress on wrist and elbows, improves functional strength and promotes good form. This move can be done with dumbbells or a barbell. So why not give drag curls a try?

Check out the drag curls in the this weeks TOTW “Say Amen”. They are slow and controlled to allow for more time and under tension and really isolate your bicep muscle to build that peak. Find a Class in your local area on our website under the “Find A Class” tab or sign up for on demand virtual classes under Surge Scene on our site!

Feel the Surge!

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