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Cueing vs. Coaching

Good cueing helps your class know what to do next and makes them feel successful by being able to follow along easily.


Coaching takes your instructing to the next level. Coaching is not just telling them what to do but how to do it well. What can you say to help your participants make the move even more effective. Coaching is giving visual and feeling cues that help participants gain a deeper mind, body connection. Coaching is giving the reason why to build trust, educate and help participants understand the science behind what you are saying.


Giving the reason WHY behind our movement, technique, format, etc is such a huge part of the Surge brand. We want everything we say and do to have a reason why? This keeps our classes safe, effective and fun!


The reason why for your cues, could be for…



Turn your knees and toes slightly out in your jacks to keep your knees inline with your toes and protect your knees from injury.




“Squat before you star jump to create explosive power “


Fun and Motivation….


“Let me see you fly like a G6”


Tips to help you think of and organize your cues so you become a master coach


1.     What does the move feel like? What are some everyday analogies you can draw on? Are there play on words in the song that can help you? Write down your ideas.


2.     Physically map out and write some cues down -  1st round includes cues on proper form and range of motion. 2nd round feeling and follow up – how to make the move better. 3rd all the fun and motivation stuff.


3.     Time phrases to the counts, almost like talking on a beat. This can help you get in those important cues without losing the correct timing.


4.     Go to a variety of instructors classes to get some great ideas on what to add where?


5.     Repeat new songs a many times! Once you and your participants get familiar with the song and choreography, you can spend less time cueing and more time coaching!


6.     Don’t think you have to be talking the entire time. Let the music speak. Use your body and visual cues. One effective coaching cue each round is all it takes!

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