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Crank Up Your Workout with These Tips

The principle of progressive overload states that to improve, you must continually increase the demands on your muscles. Without increasing intensity, your muscles adapt and cease to grow stronger or more efficient.

Continuously challenging your body helps prevent fitness plateaus. When your workouts become too routine, your progress stalls. Increasing intensity keeps your body guessing and improving.

Gradually increasing intensity builds both endurance and strength, allowing you to perform better in all aspects of physical activity.

Higher intensity workouts can boost metabolism for hours post-exercise, increasing calorie burn and aiding in weight management or loss.

So what can you do to increase your workout intensity?

Increase Weight Selection

This is easy to accomplish in the strength training tracks. Increase weight to increase intensity or start incorporating drop sets to challenge yourself.

Increase Tension

In cardio, try adding more tension by flexing your muscles, bracing your core and reaching farther with your arms or legs.

Increase Range of Motion

A larger range of motion such as squatting deeper, traveling further, or reaching higher will definitely up the intensity of your workout by creating more demands on the body and activating more muscles.

Add More Power

 Add an explosive movement like a jump to increase intensity in your cardio!

Intervals of high intensity bursts with short periods of rest (or lower intensity periods), like offered in Surge Fit classes, are an excellent addition to your workout routine to keep improving and avoiding plateaus! So 🎵crank it up🎵and Feel the Surge!

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