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Coaching to YOUR Crowd

A coach focuses on the person or people, not just the subject or product. In other words, you should deliver your Surge class based on the specific needs of participants on any given day. You may come to class with some pre-scripted ideas of what to say or do, which is great and extremely helpful, but you may need to adjust your plan based on the needs of the participants in the room.

For example, you may have pre-scripted some great motivational cues on how to get participants to jump higher in their star jumps or burpees, but when it comes to the class, most participants are using the low option and taking the jump out. So you may need to change your plan on the fly and motivate through the low-option by encouraging participants to have energy in their arms and legs or sit low in their squat.

Another great tactic to make sure everyone in your class feels comfortable and successful is showing the modification first, and leveling up from there. Show the modification during the first round and then add the burpee, tuck or jump if/when your participants are ready for more. Every Surge Fit move can be walked out. Coach to YOUR crowd! What do they need? Low impact can still be high energy and high intensity by keeping arms and legs tight, strong, and intentional.

Finally, sometimes coaching to your back row is the best way to go. Your front row, knows what to do, they already know you, love you, and love the workout. Connect with those in the back. Make them feel seen and successful! Do this and they will soon be in your front row.

Remember connect after class. Ask for feedback and genuinely thank everyone for coming!

Coach to YOUR crowd and you will not only have a successful class, but friends for life!

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