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Coaching Technique

We want to make teaching Surge Fit classes as fun and easy as possible. We do this with


1.     Easy to follow, intuitive choreography patterns

2.     Simple, unique moves

3.     A 1,2,3 coaching technique that’s easy to remember and sets you and your participants up for success.


Most Surge Fit tracks have 3 rounds of work. You do not need to be talking throughout the entire song – breathe and let the music speak– but we do encourage you to give ONE cue in each round as outlined below in our coaching technique.


Round #1 Set up Cues

This includes cues for set-up, alignment, safety and choreography. These cues help your participants know what to do and how to do it correctly. Examples include: “turn your knees and toes out slightly in your jacks” “chest lifted in your squat” or “thumbs at that nipple line in your push ups.”


Round #2 Follow up Cues

Follow up cues give participants tips on how to make their movement more effective. Examples include: “Can you drop your booty lower” “Feel your shoulder blades rotating towards your spine” “plant those heels in your jacks”.


Round #3 Motivational Cues

Add fun, encouragement, connection and motivation with cues that help your participants get to a place they could not get to on their own. This is why they come to class! There are a lot of online virtual workout options out there. They come to a group fitness class for the connection and in-person encouragement they cannot get anywhere else.


Give this 1,2,3 coaching technique a try. I think you’ll find it provides the perfect balance of enough cues to provide a fun, safe and effective workout but not sooo many that you take away from the power of the music.

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