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Cardio, Core, & a Killer Butt and Leg Workout with this ONE Move!

The side kick provides double the core activation of a crunch, an increased heart rate, butt and leg muscle activation and hip strength and mobility.

Why the side kick works?

The side kick works all the major lower body muscle groups, particularly the quads, glutes, and outer thighs. Sidekicks also automatically use the muscles of our core through reactive core training.

What is Reactive Core Training?

Reactive core training is where movement causes the core muscles to fire up to produce stability. Training the core for its true functions like stability and force transfer help us to not only get 6 pack abs but also improve our daily function, core strength, power, and performance. Our core gets stronger because the side kick forces these muscles to automatically fire up to transfer power and provide stability, so we don’t fall over.

While we love planking, these exercises are limited in their ability to train the core to be reactive to movement or force placed upon our body. In Surge, we love both! Isolated core training and reactive core training. We are all about providing both a workout that gets you results AND provides real life benefits.

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