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Benefits to Synchronizing Movement to Music

- Improves performance

- Makes feelings around exercise more positive

- Enhances participants’ moods

- Reduces perceived exertion

- Improves energy efficiency

- Increases work output

- Delays fatigue

- Increases exercise adherence

- Produces greater long term fitness success

Surge also synchronizes movement to music to help participants achieve the specific track objective whether that be improving agility with quick feet in a cardio track or increasing strength with a slow, weighted squat in a legs track.

Research suggests that synchronizing movement through music produces these performance-enhancing effects by decreasing perceived exertion, increasing work capacity, and making feelings about exercise more positive, which results in greater long term fitness success. Meaning your newbies become regulars and keep coming back for more.

Music and movement are the driving force in any Surge class and our instructors are the catalyst that connect the two, creating a safe, fun and effective unforgettable exercise experience.

Feel the Surge!

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