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Benefits of Focusing on 1 Muscle Group at a Time

- Improve form

- Rehab/prevent injury

- Correct muscular imbalances

- Increase muscle size, strength, and definition to a specific area

Why Focus on 1 Muscle Group at a Time?

Because not all muscles are created equal! Each muscle in your body has a different role, size, strength, and ability. For example your legs are strong and can squat a much heavier weight than you can curl.

Challenging one muscle group at time helps it to grow in size, strength and definition.

By focusing all the load on one muscle group, you can choose a weight that creates enough tension to induce strength gains and hypertrophy for that particular muscle group with no secondary muscles taking over to make that target muscle groups life easier. To do this make sure you avoid swinging your weights or using other parts of your body in your isolated strength training tracks.

When every muscle in your body is aligned and balanced with everything else, you’ll feel your absolute best! And remember, this looks different for everyone since we all have individual and unique bodies.

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