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Active Recovery?

Today we are talking Active Recovery and how we use Active Recovery in SURGE to create the most effective workout. ⁣

The concept of Active Recovery allows participants to achieve higher levels of intensity than if they were doing steady state exercise. And high intensity exercise is proven to increase EPOC, metabolism and that afterburner effect. ⁣

The Surge format is designed with recovery periods strategically placed throughout the workout in-between tracks and during transitions and also by changing muscle groups worked. ⁣

There is built-in recovery for the heart and lungs after Cardio HIIT tracks while we target and strength-train a specific muscle group (ie. legs, chest, biceps, triceps, etc.) By the end of the strength track, those muscles have become fatigued, so we give them a break while we again train the heart, lungs and aerobic system with a fat burning cardio track, and so on. Each muscle group is able to recover as we move onto the next. And participants love the fact that once that chest track is over there are no more push ups 😉. This allows participants to work at a high level of intensity and provides great health and strength benefits including increasing a participant's after-burn and metabolic rate. ⁣

Who doesn’t love burning extra calories while sipping that protein shake on the couch later. 🥤😜⁣

Remember to also give yourself recovery time between workouts so your body can refuel, re-build, replenish and get even stronger for next time. ⁣

Feel the SURGE! ⁣

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