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6 Exercises That Improve Dynamic Flexibility and Performance

Dynamic flexibility is the ability to move muscles and joints through their full range of motion during active movement. Dynamic flexibility improves performance and reduces the risk of injury. Think hitting that 90 degree target range of motion in your squat or lunge or kicking with ease in that side kick.

To increase dynamic flexibility, we warm up with exercises that combine stretching and controlled movements. The movements mimic the exercises you see later in the workout.

For example, in this week’s Surge Fit warm up “What a Night” we use a standing circular hip opener move to warm up the hip joint mimicking the mobility needed for a knee pull or side kick. We use the Toy Soldier move to warm up the hamstrings to increase the flexibility needed for deadlifts. During dynamic warm ups, your muscles and joints move, stretch, extend and rotate to help your joints and muscles move more effectively during your workout.

Dynamic Warm up Exercises

Arm swings/Punches

Target the muscles in your upper body, shoulders and upper back.

Torso Twists

Are great for increasing spinal mobility. They’ll get you ready for twisting high knees or cross jabs.

Toy Soldier

Walking high kicks, or toy soldiers, stretch your hamstrings to prepare for running, kicking, and deadlifts. They also strengthen your hip flexors and quadriceps.

Circle Knee/Hip opener

The lifting motion of the knee towards the chest uses full hip flexion and stretches the glutes. The circular motion of the knee warms up the hip joint to prepare for kicks and knee pulls later in the workout

Lunges & Squats

As you lunge, your hip flexors, hamstrings, and glutes will get a nice stretch.

Mountain Climbers

Are low impact and warm up your legs, shoulders, core and cardiovascular system.


· Increase temperature of muscles

· Promote blood flow and oxygen delivery

· Increase nerve activity

· Improve range of motion

· Increase mobility

In a recent study, dynamic hamstring exercises reduced stiffness and increased range of motion. These factors are associated with a lower risk of hamstring injury, one of the most common exercise injuries.

The Bottom Line

Dynamic exercises move your muscles and joints through a large range of motion. These stretches involve continuous movement, which prepares your body for activity. This enhances performance and decreases injury risk by improving blood flow to the muscles.

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