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5 Tips to Learning Choreo FAST & Effectively

Learning choreography for workouts can sometimes feel like a daunting task. But with the right approach it can be an easy and enjoyable experience.

Tip # 1 – Say No to Social & Distractions

To learn choreography quickly, give it your undivided attention – even if it’s for just 5–10 minutes. Turn off anything that will distract you, such as email notifications or cellphones. Create an environment that will let you concentrate – away from your partner, kids and pets – and resist the urge to check social media!

Tip # 2 – Become a Visual Learner

When you learn your next track, watch the video carefully taking notes of body positioning, technique, patters, and new moves. You may be surprised by how quickly and accurately you can learn the choreography, simply by watching the video carefully and making notes.

Tip # 3 – Listen To the Music A Lot

Listen to the track over and over so you can identify the verses, the chorus and the bridge. Can you align each move with that specific part of the music? Pay attention to the details! A cymbal crash, a catchy lyric, a sound effect... these are all important ways to link the right moves to the right parts of the music.

Tip # 4 – Create Muscle Memory with the Music

Research shows that moving your body through the movement or walking it out while visualizing your performance makes it easier to remember! Mark the moves with the music next time you need to learn a new track and feel how this allows your brain and body to connect.

Tip # 5 – What is the Logic?

A valuable way to help you to retain choreography for the long term is to understand the logic behind it. Are we training fast twitch muscles with power movements? Or strength and endurance with slow and controlled movements? Are there built in breaks to give the muscles needed recovery and transition time. What is the pattern? If you can understand the pattern and intention, you’ve unlocked one of the most powerful tools to memorizing choreography.

Which of these tips do you already use?

Which tip(s) are you willing to try for the first time?

Choreography is the substance for Surge workouts. It allows us to deliver safe and effective classes, model great technique, coach, connect, and create awesome fitness experiences every time!

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