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Why Grip Your Weights? 3 Key Benefits to Grip Strength

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

When it comes to strengthening muscles, we often focus on legs, arms and chest. We don’t often talk about hands. But your hands are so important in everything you do. Your hands allow you to throw a ball, hang from a pull-up bar, and climb mountains. Virtually any and all upper body exercises start with your hands.

Grip strength emerges when the muscles in the hands and fingers are activated. When one trains their grip, not only is strength increased but the ability to grip for more extended periods is increased.

Benefits of Strong Grip Strength

Improved Quality of Life

Having a strong grip not only improves performance in exercises like dumbbell swings or back rows, but it also improves our daily life. Have you ever tried to open a tight jar, change a tire, paint your house, and even put on your shoes. All require grip strength.

Improved Sports Performance

A stronger grip is beneficial for sports such as tennis and baseball because it can withstand more force when a ball hits the racket or bat. Basketball players can control their dribble better, and rock climbers may be able to grasp smaller surfaces with a better grip.

Ability to Lift Heavier Weight

You can only lift as heavy as you can hold, so it’s no surprise that a firmer grip can allow you to lift heavier weights in exercises like the deadlift, dumbbell swing, and back row.

To strengthen your grip, you need to train your grip. So practice wrapping your hands and fingers firmly around your dumbbells in all of your strength training exercises, especially bicep curls, and notice your biceps and grip strength getting stronger.

Feel the Surge!

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