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14 Benefits to Weighted Squats (#4 Will Surprise You)


1.     Strengthens lower body

2.     Decrease risk of injury

3.     Improve balance and stability

4.     Higher calorie burn then walking/jogging on a treadmill

5.     Increase bone density

6.     Improve flexibility and mobility

7.     Shapes legs and butt

8.     Higher vertical jump

9.     Improved core strength

10.  Increased ability to produce more power and sprint faster

11.  Burn more fat

12.  Stronger joints

13.  Improve posture

14.  Makes every day tasks easier


#1 Strengthens Lower Body

Squats target your glutes and quads, but also strengthen your hips, calves, and hamstrings


#2 Decrease Risk of Injury

Squats strengthen your tendons, bones and ligaments that surround and support your leg muscles and joints which helps lower your chances of injuring your knees and ankles.


#3 Improve Balance and Stability


#4 Higher Calorie Burn then Walking/Jogging on a Treadmill


Weighted squats can double or even triple your calorie burn as compared to bodyweight squats and can burn even more calories than walking or jogging on a treadmill due to the EPOC effect of weight training. They key is using a challenging weight. So don’t be afraid to pick up those heavy dumbbells in your legs track and reap the rewards.


#5 Increase Bone Density


#6 Improve Flexibility and Mobility

Squats improve your ability to move through multiple planes of motion, increasing flexibility and mobility in your hips, knees, ankles, calves and Achilles.


#7 Shapes Butt and Legs

Squats add muscle to your glutes and legs giving your lower body an aesthetic shape and perkier peaches


#8 Higher Vertical

Squats improve our ability to jump, making it the perfect exercise for sports training and recreational exercise. Hello tuck jumps!


#9 Improved Core Strength

As you squat with weights your body must work hard to remain stable and not lean over or fall. This strengthens your core, back, spine stabilizers, mid-back, obliques and abs.


#10 Increase Ability to Produce More Power and Sprint Faster

Squats improve power output, and power output affects your sprinting abilities.


#11 Burn More Fat

The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn. Since the squat strengthens multiple large muscle groups and requires a ton of energy to execute properly, you’ll increase the number of calories and fat you burn throughout your day.


#12 Stronger Joints


#13 Improve Posture


#14 Makes Everyday Tasks Easier

Whether its squatting down to lift your child into the car or move a heavy piece of furniture. Performing weighted squats regularly will make everyday tasks much easier

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