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Why You Need Strong Triceps?

Strong triceps contribute to a powerful and toned upper body and can help you perform many daily functions and athletic activities with ease. Increasing triceps strength brings stability to your shoulders and arms, improves power, flexibility, and increases range of motion..

FUN FACT: Triceps make up over 60% of your arms

Triceps are the largest muscle group in your arms, running from the elbow to the shoulder. With a main role to straighten the elbow, triceps are made of three bundles of muscles.

The three bundles of muscles have different functions - the long head for force generation (think tricep push ups or pushing a lineman), the lateral for movements requiring high-intensity force (think shooting a basketball) and the medial for more precise, stabilizing, low-force movements (like writing with a pen).


#1: Increases Weight Training Performance

The triceps are involved in many weight training exercises including chest presses, back rows, and push ups. Despite having a strong chest or back, weak triceps can cause imbalanced muscle growth and risk injury. With stronger triceps, you can perform and progress better.

#2: Improves Sports Performance and Daily Tasks

As your triceps become stronger, the strength and stability of your shoulders and elbows also increases. This in turn will increase the functionality, flexibility and range of motion of your arm, improving your performance in sports like tennis, swimming, and basketball; And making pushing movements easier like steering a stroller, wielding a shopping cart or tackling an opponent in football or rugby.

#3: Improves Look

Plus, there’s nothing wrong with sporting a couple of solid horseshoes on the back of the arm when it’s time for the guns to come out.

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