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21 Day Nutrition Challenge

Starting January 15th

Join the Surge community for a guided program to help you add more whole foods into your diet.

21 Day Nutrition Challenge

$199 - $99 early bird pricing
Challenge starts Jan 15

What's Included: 

  • 9-day meal plan + grocery list 

  • Live webinar each week with your nutritionists (don’t worry, we'll record it if you can’t make it).

  • Daily tips and support from your nutritionists and SURGE community.

  • Activity and nutrition goals for the week

  • An info packet each week on the weekly topic

  • Facebook Group to discuss questions, challenges, recipes and share successes!

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Reasons to Join the Challege

Feel Great

Your body will appreciate the nutrient dense foods that increase your natural energy, while raising your confidence in your food choices.

Eat Mindfully

Identify and change your eating habits by listening to your body’s hunger signals and cravings.

Cook Simply

Our meal plans will teach you how to incorporate whole, seasonal ingredients to make simple and delicious recipes that anyone can cook.


You'll learn how to nourish yourself to promote health and longevity while discovering a sustainable way of eating that works for your body and lifestyle.


This program can work for you AND your whole family (the food is that good!).


You’re not in this alone! We’ll work on achieving goals together with the help of the SURGE community.

Benefits of the program.jpg
Benefits of the program.jpg

Benefits of the Program

  • Anyone can do it!

  • Easy and flexible recipes you and your family will LOVE

  • Become mindful eater

  • Become confident in making the right nutrition choices for YOU

  • Simple strategies to increase energy and promote health

  • A community that will be doing it with you, sharing successes and challenges and cheering you on the whole way!

Challenge Starts January 15th

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Whole Foods Foundation
Week 2: Processed Foods
Week 3: Cravings and Emotional Eating


It all starts with a strong foundation of understanding what a whole food is and why a diet based on them is crucial for our health. Next: not all processed foods are created equal! You’ll learn how to understand the varying degree of processing in packaged foods and how to spot the “healthy ones.” Lastly, noticing cravings will increase your awareness of how food makes you feel. We wholeheartedly believe mindful eating is an important step in making sustainable, lasting changes.

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Meet Your Nutritionists

Sarah Tesar

  • BS Food Science Human Nutrition from WSU 

  • Dietetic Internship/MS Clinical Nutrition Oregon Health and Science University

  • Member of Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitian Association

  • Member Academy of Nutrition And Dietetics

  • Practice Group: Sports & Human Performance Nutrition

  • ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor


Sarah believes in partnering with you to create the most effective changes. Sarah is an accomplished dietician, runner and group fitness enthusiast. Using nutrition to help reach goals and improve performance and recovery is a personal focus. Let her passion for nutrition and fitness help you attain your fitness and health goals. ​

Haley Bond

  • Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition 

  • Practicing Nutritional Consultant since 2010

  • Founder and Director of 10 Day Health Challenge and Cook Once Eat Twice

  • Licensed children’s culinary and nutrition teacher

  • Pilates and barre instructor.

Haley’s goal as a nutritionist is to empower others to take responsibility for their own health and wellness. She believes that optimal health begins with what we eat, and by making whole foods the staple of our diet, one can embark on a path to lifelong health and longevity. She is passionate about sharing her love for good food, teaching Pilates reformer, and exploring the Pacific Northwest trails.

Fall Salad

A note from

"Do you want to improve your diet but don’t know where to start? We have you covered! In the midst of our busy lives we often forget to prioritize what goes into our bodies. Because it’s so easy to reach for convenience foods and prepared meals, we forget that eating healthy, whole foods doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.

The 21 Day Nutrition Challenge is a guided program to help you simply add more whole foods into your diet and learn to listen to your body so you can be confident in the way you eat. By the time you finish the challenge you will know how to nourish yourself to promote health and longevity while discovering time saving, easy recipes for a sustainable way of eating that works for your body and lifestyle."

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